About Us - Our History

The store’s name is Ralph’s Supermarket, yet today it is owned and operated by Ronnie Trosclair and his sons. But, the store was originally built by another father and son team – Emerson and Ralph Singletary. Using the son’s first name, Ralph’s Supermarket opened in 1984 with a commitment to serve the community with the best quality and service. After the passing of these two gentlemen, the store was sold to the store’s head manager, Ronnie Trosclair, who had the same vision and continued the legacy of the founders.

Ralph Singletary and Ronnie Trosclair had shared a close relationship as friends and in business. And, both counted their blessings of success as coming from the Lord, so the circle was unbroken with this change in ownership. Ronnie and his father, Elmore, acquired Ralph’s Supermarket in 2000, and while Ronnie’s father is no longer with us, Ronnie is still at the helm of the store with his sons. And, we are sure that Ralph would be pleased to note the expansion of the business that retains his name today.

The original Ralph’s in Gonzales has been renovated and expanded several times to provide better service and an inviting place to shop … and, other Ralph’s Markets have been added (one at Pelican Point, another on Jones’ Creek in Baton Rouge). The stores work diligently to provide the best for their friends and neighbors – the customers who are at the center of every decision made at Ralph’s Market.

Ralph’s Markets remain locally owned, independent supermarkets just as when the first father and son opened the doors in 1984. We invite you to visit … it would be our pleasure to serve you!

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