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photo of pinwheel tray

Pinwheel Tray: Get your party off to a great start with our customizable pinwheel tray! Choose between roast beef, turkey and ham, add your choice of cheese small – $19.99 large – $36.99

photo of sandwich tray

Sandwich Tray: A party or anytime favorite! Choose your meat, and customize how you like it small – $24.99   Large – $38.99

Po’boy Tray-ham, turkey, roast beef—-Small (16)-$16.99….Large (32)-$29.99

Meat Tray-ham, turkey, roast beef——-Small (5-10)$22.99,….LARGE $39.99….

Sandwich Tray-ham,turkey,roast beef—- Small $14.99,medium $29.99,LARGE $39.99.. Options= Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad Pimento Cheese, Egg Salad

Cheese Tray- cubed or sliced  Small (10-12)$22.99,….LARGE $39.99….

Swedish meatballs…served with special sauce ..Small (3lb.)-$16.99—-Large (5lb.)-$28.99

Cocktail Smokies-served with special sauce Small (3lb.)-$16.99—-Large (5lb.)-$28.99

Drumette Tray served with special sauce, Small (25 piece)-$19.99–Large (6lbs.)-$37.99

Chicken Tenders— served with special sauce, Small (3 lbs.)-$19.99–Large (6lbs.)-$37.99

 Fried Fish Tray–southern catfish with our famous batter —–$6.99 per pouniled

Deviled Eggs Tray—–Small-$19.99–Large -$36.99

Cheese & Relish Tray—cheese & pickles, olives, onions, okra, peppers….Small (10-12)-$22.99–Large (20-25)-$38.99

Mini Muffalotta Tray—–Small-$14.99–Large -$39.99

Coissant Tray—ham, turkey, roast  beef……….Small -$24.99–Large (20-25)-$39.99

photo of seasonal fruit tray

Seasonal Fruit Tray: A tempting assortment of seasonal fruit including cantaloupe, kiwi, watermelon and honeydew make this tray sweet and yummy. Actual fruit on tray may vary.  Small – $19.99  Medium$29.99 -Large – $39.99

Please allow 24 hours’ notice when making orders. Thank you!

Fresh made dip Available….Assorted Pricing

Extra dip for Veggie or Fruit Tray……..$3.99

Brownie Tray—served with special sauce ….small (12)-$16.99….Large (24)-$27.99..

Custom Wine and Fruit Baskets available up9on request!

Vegetable Tray—vegetables may vary, served with dip…Small $19.99, medium $29.99….Large $38.99

Pinwheel —-Tray-ham, turkey, roast beef—… Small $24.99,….Large $39.99

Cookie Tray —(various selections)…… Small $22.99,….Large $29.99

Cobblers….Peach, Apple, Blackberry $15.99, Pecan $18.99

Pastry Tray….. Small (5-10)-$16.99….Large (20-25)-$24.99


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